Our Team

Mr. Kunal Gupta, Creative Director of Memory Makers in these few years of his career has tested the limits and possibilities of event design. Kunal’s work transforms ordinary spaces into beautiful environments, translating his clients’ fantasies to reality.

Kunal’s  signature style is Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, he is known taking small, simple elements and changing, reshaping them to create spectacular dramatic statements.

Memory Maker’s spells lush flowers, opulent tables, dramatic spaces, and other inspirations for entertaining  where friends and family come together in a breathtakingly beautiful setting to rejoice in one of life’s milestones: a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary .

Memory Maker offers tailor-made designing and management services of all-important celebrations and events for you and your family. These are events on a larger-than-life scale, shaped by Memory Maker’s use of set design n architecture, furniture making, lighting and art installations, and even tableware and textile design.

Memory Maker’s key to success is their personalized and customized wedding related services for their clients. They believe in considering every project they undertake as a personalized assignment and infusing the element of dedication in it. Their dedication and friendly nature has helped them gain the trust of their clients who keep coming back for more.

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